In our Gourmet restaurant we carry out a discourse based on the quality of the dishes, courtesy of service and tranquility of the environments with consistency and tenacity. In the kitchen strictly first choice raw materials are used and great attention is also paid to the aesthetic part of the dish, convinced that this is not judged only by its goodness.

The procurement of raw materials takes place from small producers who, on a daily basis, guarantee products of inimitable quality and genuineness.

Our cuisine not only revisits with simplicity, a pinch of originality, and meticulous patience exquisite seafood dishes, made with always fresh fish, but, eager to innovate and experiment, also winks at new styles of cooking (and life ) such as vegetarian and vegan.

Great attention is also paid to gluten-free so even those suffering from celiac disease will have no problem spending a pleasant evening of good food at the Le Onde Restaurant.

Le Onde Restaurant is suitable for couples or small groups who want to savor the best of our culinary tradition with a look at the news while enjoying a reserved environment with the right atmosphere. The restaurant has a beautiful indoor room and a suggestive covered outdoor veranda.

Opening hours:

Open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday from 12.30pm to 2.30pm

Open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm